Translational Research Office (TRO)


Translational Education for Early Career Researchers

The ITPTP was developed to train the next generation of biotech and pharma medicinal chemistry and biosciences leaders, through a modular postdoctoral training programme.

Judy Hayler with ITPTP Postdocs

10 February 2018

ITPTP fellows Dr Will Mahy, Dr Ben Atkinson and Dr Elizabeth Love with Dr Judy Hayler, TRO Training and Research Project Manager.

The Innovative Therapeutics Postdoctoral Training Programme (ITPTP) was developed to provide a novel and complementary research and innovation programme at post-doctoral level, through a new approach to talent development and collaborative activities.

Over the three years of the pilot, we established a modular postdoctoral training programme with a focus on innovation, cross disciplinary research, collaboration and entrepreneurship in drug discovery. The programme was devised, facilitated and supported by Dr Judy Hayler (TRO) as the programme coordinator, who worked with the Royal Society of Chemistry to attain accreditation of the programme as training for Chartered Chemists. The programme gave the students industrial/ biotech project experience through placements in partnership with LifeArc, GSK, Eli Lilly and the European Lead Factory (ELF).