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V International Translating Voices Translating Regions

20 September 2016

'Minority languages, risks, disasters and regional crises'

Dates: 13-15 December 2017
Venue: Europe House, London
Times: 9:30-16:30

The Centre for Translation Studies announces the V International Conference Translating Voices, Translating Regions, convened by Dr Christophe Declercq and Dr Federico M. Federici.

    The fifth International conference aims to address questions focused on the role of professional and non-professional translators and interpreters as mediators during crises. Communication in disasters, emergencies, and in the different phases of developing crises is crucial and is normally an intercultural interaction. Yet the area of remains under-explored with very few exceptions. The need for more efficient intercultural communication among international humanitarian field operators begins to be acknowledged in those reports that focus on the consequences of inefficient communication in responding to international crises. In the 'Sendai Framework for Disaster and Risk Reduction 2015-2030' (2015) shows that new attention, though only in nuce, emerges on the crucial role of communicating over all the different phases of a crisis. This conference intends to engage with the complexity of multilingual communication in crises, especially but not exclusively in those contexts in which rare or minority languages represent a substantial obstacle to rescue or humanitarian operations. The conference will welcome papers, reflections, reports, and accounts focusing on the people involved and the procedures adopted, on the training needed and the training available, and on the technologies and infrastructures that support or could support in the foreseeable future intercultural interactions and communication during crises.

    Confirmed Keynote Speakers:


    Conference agenda (pdf) **updated programme**

    Key themes of the conference
    • Translation technologies and humanitarian needs
    • Use of multimedia translation for crises
    • Open-source translation technologies and regional languages
    • Audiovisual translation and the representation of emergencies and crises
    • Reporting international, multilingual crises
    • Minority languages and lack of translation technologies
    • Constrained subtitles and the issue of minority languages
    • Refugees interpreting and translation for lesser spoken languages
    • Tools and resources for interpreting in extreme conditions
    • Medical crises in multilingual contexts
    • Accessing evidence, news, information, and sources of crisis in minority languages.
    Call for papers

    The conference convenors Dr Christophe Declercq and Dr Federico M. Federici, University College London, welcome proposals exploring these themes. The conference aims to address these issues from a range of pragmatic and theoretical perspectives and welcomes proposals for 20-minute papers followed by 10 minutes for discussion or for 3-paper panel.

    To submit a panel proposal or an individual paper, please fill this form:




    In response to numerous requests by interested researchers, the deadline for submission of individual papers or panels has been extended to 30 April 2017.

    15 February 2017: Submission of panel proposals

    28 March 2017: Abstracts

    20 April 2017: Notification of acceptance

    25 April 2017: Provisional programme online

    25 April 2017: Early-Bird Registration opens

    15 July 2017: Final programme online

    1 September 2017: Standard Registration opens

    30 November 2017: Submission of papers (notes and/or PowerPoint) for the interpreters

    4 December 2017: Registration closes (registration link in programme)


    We are pleased to confirm that we have secured an endorsement for catering costs so the event is entirely free. 

    Registration is compulsory. The link for registration is available in the programme. Places are limited and attendance will be guaranteed only by early registration.

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