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Staff Recruitment Project update: Implementing TalentLink (Lumesse)

30 October 2019

We have been collaborating with teams across UCL to make sure our new recruitment system is integrated with our current systems, processes and policies as well as ensuring it will be compatible with any future changes.

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Earlier this year we shared the news that we had identified the new recruitment system to replace ROME. Following a comprehensive procurement process which included a detailed review of three different systems, TalentLink (provided by Lumesse) came out as a clear choice. We also procured a third party onboarding system, Enboarder, which will be integrated with TalentLink. 

In September, we invited Lumesse to come and demonstrate the new system to the HR Leadership, who were confident that the new system would improve the experience of staff recruitment for hiring managers, colleagues and candidates. 

Designing the new system

We have been collaborating with teams across UCL to make sure the new system: is integrated with our current systems, processes and policies; will allow for improvements throughout the recruitment process; and will be compatible with any future changes.

We have been working closely with ISD to make sure the recruitment process is simple and effective and offers the best possible user experience. This includes ensuring the system is compatible with:

  • UCL Single Sign-on systems for ease of access, 
  • Outlook to make it easier to schedule interviews,
  • existing reporting tools so that we are able to use recruitment system data to support decision making,
  • and future systems like MyHR to support the raising of job requisitions.

We are also working with:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) to explore where the system can provide further opportunities to support UCL’s ED&I priorities.
  • Legal and Compliance to ensure that the new system is fully aligned to all regulatory and statutory requirements.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, we will be engaging with the community to better understand the impact of changing the system and identifying where training will be needed. 

In November, we will be designing and building the third party onboarding system (Enboarder). This system offers the opportunity to streamline and speed up a significant amount of the onboarding process including the sending of important information to candidates ahead of their start date. This will enable more consistent and better quality engagement for new starters and improve the experience for hiring managers.

In December, we will be developing the website for the new system which will provide a better user experience including an improved search functionality and the ability to remember candidate information. We’ll be working with HR and Communications and Marketing (CAM) to ensure that this is aligned with UCL’s look and feel and links to key content and supporting information. 

In the New Year, ISD will be helping to put in place the identified integrations. TalentLink is planned to go live and replace ROME later in 2020, following the introduction of MyHR*. Once MyHR has been introduced, we will start user testing for TalentLink prior to rolling out training on how to use the system. 


Following feedback from the community around the stability of the MyHR system UCL decided that the key resources on the Staff Recruitment project refocus and reprioritise their work to address these issues before we begin any development work on the new recruitment system. As the new system will be integrated into the MyHR, it is vital to have a stable environment to connect with.

The project team will continue working on capturing all necessary requirements in order to finalise the design of the future system and processes by the end of July 2020. The project will then be paused until the key resources needed for the project’s success, can be released from the MyHR activities.

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