Transforming Our Professional Services


Catching up with the Professional Services Hub

29 April 2019

Since launching in March, the Professional Services Hub (PS Hub) has successfully brought together colleagues from across professional services.

PS Hub reception

A new way of working

The PS Hub was successfully launched on Monday 11 March 2019 with the first group of colleagues moving into one location at 1 St Martin Le Grand.

Over 120 colleagues from across professional services, who share common processes and systems, are now working together to improve service quality across the UCL community and provide aligned and customer-focused services.

With teams from different professional services areas working together in one location, there are new opportunities to make connections and share ideas for how to improve our services.

We’d like to thank all of the teams involved in the move for their hard work. Following a smooth transition, service levels are already at pre-transition levels and in some areas have improved. 

We’ve heard some great feedback from colleagues within the PS Hub.

Experiences so far

‘It’s an amazing place to work!’ (Operations Team)

‘Everyone settled in nicely and there is a lovely interaction across teams. The offices are really nice, clean and of course we are all delighted with the coffee machine!’ (Finance)

‘I had a question about the invoicing process, it was great to be able to walk over to a colleague in Accounts Payable and get some advice from them.’ (HR)

‘It’s great to have HR and Finance teams working so close together. We can now go and speak with our colleagues in the respective teams instead of waiting for an email reply which speeds up the process and allows us to process our work faster.’ (Finance)

‘It has been fantastic to meet our colleagues in the Service Desk and to meet the team in ISD. The Hub is really coming along well and my experience has been nothing but positive.’ (HR)

New opportunities

This is a new and exciting way of working for UCL and we are leading the way in the Higher Education sector with (as far as we know) the largest cross-functional professional services hub in the UK.

The launch of the PS Hub provides the following opportunities for UCL:

  • Colleagues can more easily solve problems and share best practice
  • By collaborating across teams, there is greater support for managing peaks and troughs in workloads 
  • By drawing on the expertise within the PS Hub, as the people who manage and use our services on a daily basis, we can develop and embed improved services that work 
  • Colleagues have access to more career development opportunities in a variety of service areas
  • With the growing pressures on the Bloomsbury estate, the PS Hub relieves more space to be prioritised for teaching and research
  • Collaboration and innovation are encouraged as St Martin’s Le Grand is a modern, open-plan work space 
  • The PS Hub provides the UCL community with a single point of contact for support services, so they are easy to access and easy to use

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