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It is great to receive feedback from our events. We encourage everything from letters to passing comments to assist us in keeping the talks and activities fresh and engaging. Our aim is to ignite interest in both children and adults making their input critical to our future plans.

A picture of a red virus created and drawn by one of the children from Mayflower following Greg and Richard's assembly and the virus creation activity in 2013 given to us as part of the feedback

A picture of a blue virus created and drawn by one of the children from Mayflower following Greg and Richard's assembly and the virus creation activity in 2013 given to us as part of the feedback

Feedback from or recent trip to Dilston Grove in Southwark Park with Rotherhithe Primary School is available at the following link: 'some of our children stated that this was the absolute best workshop that they had ever been involved in at Rotherhithe Primary School!'

Children's comments received following school visits:

I liked that you got to pretend that the ball was a virus. We made the virus spread by passing it to the people that were next to us. I liked the fact that the children in the hats had the vaccine. It was really fun!

 Uzair (year 3)

I remembered it was really funny and cool

Adam (year 6)

It was really interesting. We learned not just how viruses spread but how they need to spread to survive

Fadilha (year 6)

Viruses spread a lot faster and easier than I thought

Jasper (year 4)

I thought it was a great assembly as you don’t normally learn about that kind of thing in lessons. The guys were funny and it was cool.

Alba (year 6)

I liked all the experiments

Lyra (year 6)

It was fun because we all got to interact and take part

Nell (year 4)

I learnt that there are so many viruses in the air at once

Lucy (year 4)

I learnt how quickly viruses spread and how they do it

Shamani (year 6)

I learnt that if you get vaccinated, it can protect you from getting a virus. The assembly was really fun!

Winner (year 4)

The assembly gave us a lesson on how to protect ourselves from viruses.

Gunistan (year 6)

It makes me wonder how these things are happening in my body

George (year 4)

I learnt a lot about how viruses spread and how vaccines stop them. If certain people are vaccinated they can protect other people by stopping the virus in its tracks

Lucy (year 4)


And following the MRC Centenary event:

I and my family attended the Fair last Saturday and we all had the most fantastic day out. I would like to thank you all for putting together such interesting and highly interactive programme. Even my 8-year old son, who is reluctant to do anything what school calls 'academic', was completely absorbed. He keeps on searching more information on ebola virus (which he thinks is the scariest and coolest thing at the moment!). It is great to see the enthusiasm spreading and reaching people of all ages and backgrounds.


Outbreak! Feedback

It was really fun and had lots of detail. We had to transfer blood to test for the type of disease

Ellis (year 6)

It was very educational and we all felt like professionals

Jan (year 6)

We learnt how to secure viruses

Hakan (year 6)

Newsflashes were really well explained and the testing was amazing

Alfie (year 6)

Newsflashes made it exciting, it was fun to work against the clock

Sam (year 6)

It was cool to learn how you find out what a virus really is

Makina (year 6)

I liked the way it wasn’t just other people from all over the world who got the virus. It was people from [our school]

Isobel (year 6)

I felt like a doctor/scientist – it has inspired me to become a scientist

Sara (year 6)

Feedback from teachers has been very positive. One school has told us: Since science week some Year 5 and 6 classes have been inspired to do research of microbiology and one class has been creating art – using petri dishes to display pictures of viruses.


Here are some of the letters and pictures we have received from children following our assemblies and activities. Click on a picture to enlarge it.