Our research

On this page you'll find links to projects funded through TIDAL N+ feasibility funding. You'll also find information about other TIDAL N+ research projects.

Feasibility projects on the theme of Responsible Engineering

An affordable and flexible prosthetic socket      

A person based approach to the development of upper limb prostheses

Feasibility projects on the theme of DMS (Digital Manufacturing Systems) and Physical Devices

Remote capture of patient data for bespoke socket design

Algorithmic design of functionally graded prosthetic liners

Bespoke entry-level Wheelchair Rugby chairs through Advanced Distributed Manufacturing

Improving the efficiency of co-designing personalised assistive technology through utilising digital design and manufacturing systems

Feasibility of a novel non-pneumatic wheelchair tyre with adaptive spoke technology

Feasibility projects on the theme of Sensors, Data and Communication Aids 

Towards improved communication of music via hearing aids and consumer devices exploiting wearable sensors

Physiological validation of a novel photonic biosensor

Rapid reviews