Videos from TIDAL N+ events and projects.



The video from our online launch event on 26 January 2022

Find out more about why TIDAL N+ matters, our plans, and how you can get involved, including up-coming events and funding opportunities.

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Video from our Responsible Engineering agenda-setting online workshop on 27th April 2022

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Video from our DMS (Digital Design and Manufacturing Systems) and Physical Devices agenda-setting online workshop on 22nd June 2022

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Current themes in AT research: introducing the TIDAL feasibility projects

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TIDAL Feasibility Projects: A Person Based Approach to the Development of Upper Limb Prostheses, Dr Benjamin Metcalfe, University of Bath


TIDAL Feasibility Projects: Remote capture of patient data for bespoke socket design, Dr Nicola Bailey, University of Bath

Transcript: Remote capture of patient data for bespoke socket design

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TIDAL Feasibility Projects: An affordable and flexible prosthetic socket, Dr Michael Berthaume, London Southbank University

Transcript of an affordable and flexible prosthetic socket

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TIDAL Feasibility Projects: Algorithmic design of functionally graded prosthetic liners


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