What we do

In this section you will find links to information about TIDAL N+, our ambitions for the three year term of the project, and how we will set about achieving those.

As the project progresses, we will also be adding information about the research that we are conducting, funding calls for projects to be carried out by other researchers in the network, the reports from those projects, and other publications arising from the work done by TIDAL N+.  

We’ll also be launching a Learning Hub to help disseminate information and resources on three themes identified in our stakeholder workshops:  Circular Economy and Responsible Engineering; Regulation and Ethics; and Distributed Manufacturing and Assistive Technology Financing Models.

So watch this space!



Find out about our purpose, our vision, and the opportunity we see for Transformative Innovation in the Delivery of Assisted Living products and services. 

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Our plans

Find out about our aims, our objectives, and what we will be doing to achieve these over the three year lifespan of TIDAL N+

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Funding calls

Find out more about our funding for interdisciplinary teams who want to solve a clear, unmet need.