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About Student Success

Established in March 2022, the Student Success Office focuses on initiatives that enable all UCL students to be successful, regardless of their background. 

What we do

The team leads on the design, development and implementation of UCL’s strategies to support academic success and close awarding and retention gaps across UCL.

We deliver initiatives and provide resources for UCL staff and students to create cultural and institutional change.

We focus on evaluation and research. We take an evidence-led approach to facilitate success for student groups where there are unexplained gaps in degree outcomes.

Who we work with and why

Student Success initiatives are funded by UCL’s Access and Participation Plan. The Office currently works to support UK undergraduate students who belong to at least one of the following groups:

The Access and Participation Plan identifies three key barriers to success for these groups: students' wellbeing; sense of belonging; and their teaching and learning experience. 

These barriers are interconnected and we aim to tackle these holistically and address awarding gaps, along with existing support services. 

Meet the team

photo of Paulette Williams
Paulette Williams
Head of Student Success

photo of Rebecca Surin
Rebecca Surin
Student Success Manager

photo of Luther Mayers
Luther Mayers
Student Success Manager 

photo of Indie Beedie
Indie Beedie
Senior Student Success Officer 

UCL Mature student key contact

Faculty liason: Laws; IOE, UCL's Faculty for Education and Society; Arts & Humanities

photo of Jodie Connon
Jodie Connon
Senior Student Success Officer 

Access UCL cohort key contact

Faculty liason: Social & Historical Sciences; Maths & Physical Sciences

photo of Suzanne Hewings
Suzanne Hewings
Senior Student Success Officer

UCL care experienced and estranged student key contact

Faculty liason: Brain Sciences; Life Sciences; Medical Sciences; Population Health Sciences

Darsh Hawtin
Senior Student Success Officer    
Faculty liason: Built Environment, Engineering Sciences