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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Student voice and surveys

Providing appropriate ways for students to share their views on their experience is a crucial starting point for creating a better education.

Surveys can be a useful tool for gathering the views of our students and looking at trends from year to year.

They often provide a starting point for further conversations and an opportunity to explore topics in more depth.

Beyond collecting data through a large-scale survey, focus groups, workshops and student representation can all help provide context around results and provide rich insights.

Please note that online focus group guidance will be available shortly. 

Image of a student at computer

Institutional surveys and results

Our institutional survey cycle which reflects the journeys of our students throughout their time at UCL and enables us to make improvements.


Module evaluations

Module Evaluation are an important part of UCL Student Engagement practice, providing valuable student feedback to departments and faculties on their programmes.

The student panel at the UCL Education Conference 2018

Committees and representatives

Students sit on committees at all levels of the institution, shaping education policy and contributing to decision-making. 

Students in a seminar

Gathering further feedback

To really understand in more depth what’s driving student feedback, data is best used in conjunction with insights and knowledge gathered through other forums. 

Two students sitting with a laptop

Unitu student voice platform

An online platform to help departments and student reps to collect and analyse student feedback in real time, to enable faster improvements to the student experience.