Teaching & Learning


Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Strategic work with schools

Current initiatives include our work with the UCL Academy, the creation of a school governors network and a consultative sixth form panel.

We work strategically with schools and colleges, including the UCL Academy, to improve transition from school to university, inform our teaching practices and deliver the best possible learning outcomes for our students.

UCL Academy

We were the first university in the country to be the sole sponsor of an academy – a non-selective mixed state school in our home borough of Camden.

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School Governors Network

We are developing a support and training network for the many UCL staff who serve as governors of schools and colleges.

See below for more information.

Sixth form panel

We have established a consultative panel of sixth formers from a range of schools across London, to help us scrutinise and improve our policy and practice.

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UCL Governor Network

UCL staff who volunteer as school or college governors are invited to join the UCL School Governor Network.

The network, which is launching in November 2019, is an initiative which will provide support and training for the many UCL staff who serve as governors of schools and colleges, and inspire more staff to take on governor roles.

Attend the launch event

Monday 18 November 2019, 16:00 - 18:00: join the Provost and Professor David Price for the launch of the UCL Governor Network.

Network members will have the opportunity to meet other governors, share best practice and gain up-to-date information about UCL’s processes and procedures relevant to schools and colleges, to help them build their knowledge and confidence as effective governors.

Become a school governor 

If you are not currently a school or college governor but would be interested in taking on this role, you may wish to contact one or both of the following organisations:

  • Inspiring Governance, the national online matchmaking service which connects skilled volunteers interested in serving as governors or trustees with schools and colleges.
  • Governors for Schools, an independent charity which recruits volunteers to serve on school governing bodies across England.

Governor vacancies may also be advertised directly by schools and colleges, local councils or academy sponsors.


For further information about becoming a school governor or the UCL School Governor Network, please contact Julie Rolls j.rolls@ucl.ac.uk (or ext: 53855).