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Student review

Overview of how to design a Student Review activity, where students write for one minute on a given topic and receive feedback.

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29 April 2021

About this activity

Students review their own learning either in groups or individually. This could be done as a plenary, mini-plenary or as an activity to help planning for future revision or the remainder of the course.

Example instructions for students:

Review your own learning either in a group or individually.  

Why use it

Develop feedback skills; Reflect on learning during a session.

When to use it

  • During synchronous session (plenary) or as an asynchronous activity to help planning for future revision or the remainder of the course. 

Digital tools that might be used

Individually and asynchronous:

  • Discussion forum post;
  • journal entry (OneNote class notebook, Reflect blog, or MyPortfolio) 

In groups and synchronous:

  • Breakout room discussion
  • Chat 

Speed of set up time 

Varies based on tool used.


  • Setting up blog or shared notebook; 
  • Develop guidance or prompt questions.

Other resources

  • Shared documents.

Examples of staff use

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