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Long- and short-term goals

Overview of how to design an activity where students set short- and long-term targets or goals

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29 April 2021

About this activity

To draw together progression with the big picture students set short- and long-term targets.  

The short term targets could be reviewed weekly or fortnightly and the long term targets at the end of term.

Having a long term target may give more cogency to the students’ and lecturers’ short term targets. It may also allow the student to focus on what really motivates them about a subject.

Why use it

  • Enables students to set and monitor their own progress; 
  • Helps to keep the big picture in mind;
  • Provides an opportunity to generate feedback; 
  • Enables constructive peer-feedback and interaction.

When to use it

  • At the start of a module, reviewed regularly;  
  • Could link well to personal tutoring.

Digital tools that might be used

  • Breakout rooms (Zoom, BB Collaborate, MS Teams)'
  • Shared documents.

Speed of set up time 

1 to15 minutes to set up. Longer if accompanied by a brief and exemplars.


  • Design the instrument/tool/questions;  
  • Looking over and feeding back 

Other resources

  • Exemplars;
  • Opportunity for peer discussion.

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