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Illustrating what our students said: UCL future of education hackathon

27 November 2015

Credit: David Smithson, UCL Creatives

Students helped shape the UCL education of the future when they took part in the university’s first education hackathon on Wednesday 11 November. Find out what they thought of some of the major themes within the upcoming Education Strategy 2016-21.

Over pizza, 29 students came up with innovative ideas of how those about to take up an undergraduate place at UCL could be welcomed into the university.

They also discussed whether there should be an optional online interdisciplinary programme for students before they arrive for their first term – and what this might look like.

Illustrator David Smithson (UCL Health Creatives) captured some of their key ideas:

Read the draft strategy and share your thoughts online, or in person. All the information can be found at: www.ucl.ac.uk/teaching-learning/2016-21

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