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Help shape the future of Personal Tutoring at UCL

22 November 2023

Help us identify recommendations to improve the experience of students, academics and professional services who support the delivery of personal tutoring.


Following UCL’s Education Committee (EdCom) approval in February 2023, we have begun a university-wide Personal Tutoring Review. EdCom agreed that the review should be overseen by a Steering Group, with representation from Students’ Union UCL, all UCL Faculties and colleagues in Education and Student Experience and all key central services, including Student Registry and Student Support and Wellbeing.   

This group has published an incredibly detailed Personal Tutoring Review Report. It aims to give staff and students as much information about personal tutoring at UCL.  

As we enter the next phase of the Review, we want you – the UCL community – to see all of the information gathered and help us identify recommendations to put forward to EdCom for approval in Spring 2024. 

Thinking about your local experience and as you read this report, consider these questions:  

  • What do we see as the purpose of personal tutoring as a delivery mechanism for academic support moving forward? 
  • How can personal tutoring be enhanced to positively impact students’ and learning and student life experiences (what problems might it help us solve)? 
  • How can personal tutoring be enhanced to positively support academic and professional staff to deliver high quality education and student experiences (what problems might it help us solve)?  
  • What are the quick wins? What are longer term goals to work towards? 

Feedback and ideas in response to this report can be submitted through this MS form up until Thursday 1 February 2024. Your responses will help to inform the development of Personal Tutoring at UCL, which will be shared with you shortly after submission closes.  

The Personal Tutor Review Steering Review members are thanked for the work that they have undertaken so far to enhance staff and student experiences of personal tutoring at UCL on behalf of the whole UCL community.