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Collaborate with students on the impact of AI on your teaching 

22 May 2023

Apply for opportunities to work with students to explore AI in your programme, department or faculty by 7 June, with projects to run between 26 June until 21 July.  

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Generative AI tools have been causing quite a stir in our sector. Co-Creator: AI will provide ideas and funding for you and students to start exploring AI in your disciplines.  

Students will receive a stipend, to work in partnership with you to better understand what AI means for teaching, learning and assessments.  

There will also be funding available to pay for the AI tools you might use in your project. You can either opt to recruit your own student or we can recruit on your behalf.  

Choose a ‘mini project’ in three key areas:  

  1. Assessment and Feedback: what opportunities and challenges do AI tools offer to our assessment and feedback practice? 

  1. Learning Support: can AI serve as a learning buddy or tutor? 

  1. Exploring AI tools: which tools could enhance education in your programme? 

Express your interest through a short form by 7 June 2023. 

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