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Fire Safety for teaching staff

29 September 2022

As we come to the start of term, we’d like to remind all teaching staff of their 'duty of care' to students under their supervision to safeguard them from fire.


UCL’s Fire Safety Standard sets out your specific obligations to reduce the risk of fire and to ensure students are safely evacuated from teaching, study or workspaces in the event of a fire or emergency. We have recently launched a new Fire Safety SharePoint site to help you understand your specific responsibilities to ensure student safety in the case of a fire or emergency.  

Some key actions in the case of a fire or emergency are to raise the alarm, evacuate the building and contact UCL to alert them. There are some clear reminders around these points in the Fire Action Notices which you’ll find in teaching rooms.  

In instances of overcrowding in a teaching room, please suspend teaching if the safe occupancy capacity of the room has been exceeded and report the overcrowding issue to the appropriate faculty or department manager.