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Changes to the policy and processes for approval of short courses

8 September 2022

The policy and processes for approving new credit- and non-credit-bearing short courses have been updated. The criteria for requiring a submission for amended courses has also changed.


Non-credit-bearing short courses

If you are proposing to run any type of new non-credit-bearing short course, CPD, or Executive Education course, you will need to use the Course Initiation Questionnaire (CIQ) process.

The range of courses needing to use the CIQ process has been extended to apply to all non-credit-bearing short courses, whether charging a fee or free, online or face to face, and whether or not they offer a UCL certificate of participation.

If you want to make changes to an existing course, please review whether the proposed amendments must be approved through the CIQ process. The relevant amendments are listed in the Academic Manual at Chapter 10, section 4.1.14.

To meet the requirements of the CIQ process, download and complete the CIQ form and Costing and Pricing Tool ( UCL CIQ Sharepoint ). Both completed documents need to be uploaded to the UCL CIQ Sharepoint site, and you must supply the name and email address of the departmental approver.

Course proposals will be sent automatically to the departmental approver, and if approved, will be sent to the Faculty Tutor for review. You will be informed at all stages of the process.

Factors to consider before submitting a course proposal, and what department and faculty approvers should look out for, can be found in Chapter 10, section 4.1 of the Academic Manual. Advice on completing the CIQ process is on the short courses staff hub.

If you have outstanding questions, you can email shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk 

Credit-bearing short courses

There is also a new process to follow to run standalone credit-bearing short courses, which are either new, or derived from modules in UCL programmes that are offered to learners outside the standard UCL timetable.

Proposed courses need to be submitted using the process for new module approval, with some specific adjustments. Information about what you need to do is in the Academic Manual, Chapter 10, section 4.2 .

Any queries about running credit-bearing short courses, or their approval process, can be emailed to shortcourses@ucl.ac.uk