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Important reminders and deadlines for smooth running of Exam Boards

10 June 2021

Final marks should be entered on Portico by 14 June to be released to students on 8 July.

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It is essential for the smooth running of undergraduate Exam Boards that accurate final marks are entered by the exchange of marks deadline of 14 June. This is to ensure that progression and award calculations can be run in good time for the board meetings.   

Delays will affect not only preparation for your own board but for other boards with students taking your modules.  Although timelines for entering PGT marks are sometimes different to UG marks, if you have PGT students who span departments, you need to submit their marks by 14 June to determine if that module can be condoned.

Only exam board decisions confirmed on Portico by 2 July can be included in the release of results on 8 July. If a student’s marks are not ready in time for the Board meeting, it is likely that their results will be delayed. 

PGT students will be expecting to receive some results on 8 July. Any interim PG marks that you wish to release should also be confirmed by the 14 June deadline. Please discuss with Student Records if you need further clarification on how to do this.

Key dates

  • 14 June: Exchange of marks deadline  

  • 2 July: Exam board decisions for results to be released on 8 July must be confirmed in Portico by this date. 

  • 8 July: Publication of majority of student results and awards 

See the full exams and assessments timeline 2020-21 

Communication required to students with extensions 

If, as a result of Covid mitigation, you have students who have been granted extensions which make meeting this timescale impossible, it is important that you let students know in advance that their results will be issued AFTER 8 July.  Student Records will provide a template email to departments which can be adapted for this purpose. 

Cases delayed as a result of extended submission deadlines do not need to wait until your LSA Board meets to be considered, as the main board may delegate authority to a Sub Board to consider out of cycle matters (see regulation 13.3.9). You should avoid Chair’s Action where it is known in advance that students cannot be considered at the Full Board; these students should be considered by a properly constituted Sub Board.  

Please liaise with Student Records via your Faculty Teams’ site about the timings of these results, as degrees can be conferred monthly and this will inform the date for releasing these students’ results. 

Further information  

See the Examinations webpages for all key information and training materials for the new Exam Board processes.