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Module leads advised to submit reading lists to Library ahead of Term One

3 September 2020

Teaching staff should contact Readinglists@UCL service now to ensure students have access to core recommended texts this term.

UCL’s Readinglists@UCL, a service supported by Library Services, delivers an online version of a student’s reading list complete with links to digital versions of core readings, where they are available.

Module tutors are asked to provide updated reading lists to the Readinglists@UCL service, and to identify core/essential readings for their module now, as delays risk essential texts being unavailable to students studying remotely. 

With just a few weeks until the beginning of term, a low level of engagement with the Readinglists@UCL service poses a threat to UCL’s ability to support students in remote learning when the new academic session begins. 

If you have not already done so, module staff are advised to make contact with your relevant subject liaison or site librarian, listed on the Library website, as soon as possible to let the Library know if there are specific essential/core readings you require which we don’t have permanent access to electronically. 

Some important points to note about the reading list process:

  • In your email, please include the module code, module title, term and the approximate number of students.  
  • Items will be added to a central spreadsheet, our e-resources team will then work from this and you’ll be notified about access in due course.
  • Please note that we are unable to purchase e-books available to individuals, e.g. via Kindle, so we need to check with our suppliers that an institutional version is available.
  • Once a Reading List has been created and populated with resources, we can work with you to establish what is available electronically.
  • Where the Library already has access to digital versions of book and journals these can be linked in.
  • If an eBook is not available, or if you only require students to read a single chapter of a book, or one article from a print journal, it may be possible for us to digitise a chapter under UCL’s CLA licence, which we can link directly from your online Reading List.  
  • If digitisation is not an option, we can offer assistance in identifying a suitable alternative.
Not all materials are available online so please review your readings now, so that we can work with you to establish what is available electronically  - Dr Paul Ayris, Pro-Vice-Provost (UCL Library Services & UCL Office for Open Science)

Reading Lists usually refer students to essential or core readings that they are required to read to gain sufficient understanding or a topic, or to enable them to participate in seminars. Our digital provision will focus on essential readings, as we will not be able to provide digital access to all 'further readings'.