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Planned assessments of all first year undergrads cancelled, replaced by single capstone assessment

20 March 2020

First year UCL undergraduates to be required to undertake a short piece of work to reflect on their learning across their programme.

Image of a student at computer

The planned assessments of all first year undergraduates has been cancelled, with effect from 20 March 2020.

Instead, every first year undergraduate student will be required to undertake a 1st year capstone assessment - a single short piece of work to reflect on their learning across their programme this year.

Every first year undergraduate was sent a personalised email today from Professor Anthony Smith (Vice-Provost Education & Student Affairs) informing them of the announcement.

Students must complete their single assessment to a satisfactory standard in order to progress to their second year of study. This assessment will be pass/fail only. Final degree classifications will not include any first year marks.

Shortly, departments will be providing more information on programme-specific formats and requirements and information about how these will be marked and what feedback will be given.

A submission date will be set in late June, giving first year undergrads plenty of time to complete the assignment.

In the meantime, they are being advised to prepare for their assessment – and for progression to year 2 - by reviewing the knowledge and understanding of their subject area and the skills they have built up through their first year of study.