Teaching & Learning


Increased support for departments, programme leaders and administrators launched

7 May 2019

UCL Arena Centre is increasing support for experienced and aspiring programme leaders covering assessment and feeback, academic support and more.

Female providing support to programme leaders, departments and administrators

Transforming Experience For Students Through Assessment (TESTA) 

Following the good practice of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and in addition to the Annual Educational Enhancement meetings, UCL Arena will work with departments to review their assessments, using a tried and tested methodology, TESTA. 

Support for existing or aspiring programme leaders and teaching administrators

Drop-in sessions 

Bring any issue or question you would like answered to these new drop-in sessions.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your programme issues in a supportive atmosphere an e
xplore common issues, share best practice and create solutions.

Design assessment across your programme

Explores assessment design across your programme and how to ensure reliable marking. You will learn ways of reviewing the quantity and quality of assessment tasks across your programme.

You will cover:

  • over-assessment 
  • progression - linking assessments 
  • assessment briefs 
  • timing of assessments 

Monday 03 June, 11am to 1pm - register your place 

Ensure consistent marking across your programme: hard or soft marker? 

You will discuss practical solutions for developing reliable marking in your programme team.
The session will draw on research literature to identify factors that affect marking reliability.

Thursday 13 June, 11am to 1pm - register your place