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Heads of Departments to take part in IQRs outside their own faculties

29 July 2019

Education quality management boosted by more senior review teams and alignment with ASER process.

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Internal Quality Review (IQR) teams are to be strengthened by the participation of Heads of Departments from other faculties.

The review team is now much more senior, also including Vice Dean (Education) and Faculty Tutor in addition to an external reviewer.

Alignment with Annual Student Experience Review 

The shift is one of several revisions to IQR, UCL’s main education quality management process, to make sure that our education quality management complements our education improvement – aligning the IQR with the Annual Student Experience Review (ASER).

The changes, approved by UCL Education Committee in Autumn 2018, include:

  • a data-informed agenda so review teams can identify priority areas for improvement, as well as quality and standards
  • a reduction in the administrative burden for the department and the team
  • a review manager to support the process.

Senior review teams 

Academic Services are starting to put together the review teams for 15 Internal Quality Reviews (IQRs) for the Autumn and Spring terms. One or two Heads of Department in each faculty will be approached each year to participate in IQRs outside their own faculty, dedicating a maximum of 2.5 days to the process, 1.5 of which are the departmental visit itself. Priority will be given to Heads whose own department is scheduled for IQR in the next couple of years, so that they will have experience of the process.