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Develop your teaching with UCL’s assessment and feedback quick guides

19 October 2017

‘How-to’ resources for teachers and support staff

Lecturer giving feedback to student

Assessment and feedback quick guides are available on the Teaching and Learning Portal, offering advice and resources on how to make the most of different approaches, from guided marking to peer assessment.

The quick guides complement the Portal’s Teaching toolkits, which explore a range of teaching methods from small group teaching to active learning to module design, with an overview of the topic, practical tips and advice on how to develop you approach further and need-to-know information on UCL policy and guidance. 

To discuss all aspects of assessment and feedback, join the Assessment Forum, a Moodle space where you can raise with colleagues across UCL and respond to their questions. Another Moodle space, Action on Feedback, provides resources and information to help staff give good quality feedback to students, with materials to use with students and links to other useful resources and research papers.

Learn more about ways of giving good quality feedback to students

The Giving Good Quality Feedback workshop reviews the latest research and suggests practical solutions to help students understand and use feedback on their work. The workshop is repeated several times this term. To book, click on the links below.