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Academic staff team up with Student Reviewers of Teaching

20 January 2017

A Student Reviewers of Teaching programme is being piloted across UCL throughout the spring term, with 36 student/staff pairs from across UCL taking part.

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The scheme is unique in the UK in allowing students to observe a range of classroom sessions, alongside other resources for student learning.

The pairs will investigate teaching practice on a course, discussing their different perspectives on the course and the way it is taught. The student input will be informed by three classroom observations and observations of an assignment brief and Moodle course, as well as their general experience of learning at university.

The aim is to help the member of staff to think about their teaching practice and how it can be further enhanced, informed by a student perspective. The student reviewer will discuss the teaching practice with the staff member throughout the course, so the practice can be enhanced as it happens. The staff member will get the chance to discuss their ideas for change with a student before implementing them, so the pair can assess which ones to prioritise. Students are expected to benefit even if the focus is not a course that they are taking, as the member of staff is likely to be able to transfer the learning between courses they teach.

We expect a whole range of benefits for the participating students too – with deeper insights into learning, how UCL operates and a sense of ownership over the learning experience at UCL.

Contact Jenny Marie (j.marie@ucl.ac.uk) to find out more about the scheme or look at www.ucl.ac.uk/changemakers to find out how you can enhance education at UCL.