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Action on feedback: new guide for students and more staff workshops announced

12 December 2017

Staff who teach, or support teaching, are invited to access resources and development to improve feedback.

Assessment and feedback booklet cover

Colleagues who teach or support teaching are invited to sign up for the ‘Giving good quality feedback’ workshop, which has been scheduled for seven dates in spring term 2018.

Since September, more than 230 staff have attended the workshop, which is run by the Arena Centre for Research-based Education, and 190 staff have registered on the Action on feedback Moodle.

A new student guide to assessment and feedback is now hosted on the ‘Current Students’ webpages. As well as being a standalone resource for students, the guide (which can be downloaded as a pdf) is designed to act as a springboard for discussion between tutors and students.  The new resources and development are designed to support improvement to academic feedback across UCL.  

UCL is among the lowest in UK for student satisfaction on feedback, with UCL students giving notably low rates of satisfaction in response to the following NSS questions:

  • 10. Feedback on my work has been timely
  • 11. I have received helpful comments on my work

UCL’s Assessment Review, now in its second year, seeks to bring about significant improvements in student satisfaction with assessment and feedback, facilitate good practice, by providing systems that reflect UCL policy and produce resources that improve assessment literacy amongst staff and students.


The ‘Giving good quality feedback’ workshops will be led by the Arena Centre’s Dr Jenny Griffiths.

Participants will consider why students have difficulty understanding and using feedback, and propose some solutions. You will explore the characteristics of good quality feedback and resolve some common feedback issues.

  • 11 January 10am - 12pm (Thursday)
  • 17 January 11am - 1pm (Wednesday)
  • 26 January 2pm - 4pm (Friday)
  • 31 January 2pm - 4pm (Wednesday)
  • 16 February 10am - 12pm (Friday)
  • 7 March 2pm - 4pm (Wednesday)
  • 12 March 1pm - 3pm (Monday)

Register now for an Assessment and Feedback workshop

Supporting students with assessment and feedback

The new student guide to assessment and feedback has been produced in consultation with faculty tutors and the Students’ Union. Later this session, it will be joined by student guides to making sense of assessment and making the best use of feedback will be produced, based on work by student ChangeMakers. These will be promoted to students and shared with personal tutors and other staff who teach or support teaching.


Staff are also warmly invited to enrol on the Action on Feedback moodle, which is designed to help you give good quality feedback to students. It includes a growing resource of materials to use with students, a feedback self-assessment tool, quick guides to assessment and feedback, examples of feedback and links to useful information and research papers.

Quick guides

A new quick guide, 6 key steps to developing good feedback practices in your programme, has been added to the Teaching and Learning Portal resources on assessment and feedback.

To set up peer review of feedback in your programme/module team read the quick guide, Peer Dialogue on Feedback.


For further information about the Assessment Review contact:

Dr Jenny Griffiths, jenny.griffiths@ucl.ac.uk, Arena Centre;

Paulette Williams, paulette.williams@ucl.ac.uk, Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs).