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SLMS Education Domain announces first SLMS Education Awards winners

19 May 2015

The awards reward those dedicated to improving the quality of education for SLMS students and to spotlight and support excellence and innovation in the delivery of education.

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The awards are for any staff member who has contributed to education. The individual awards are aimed at any staff member who has worked on an individual project or shown across the board outstanding contribution to education (award £750). There are two categories: those at the beginning of their careers and experienced staff. The team award is for any team (two people or more) who have worked on a single outstanding educational practice (award £2000).

The awards will be presented at the graduation ceremony and the Education Domain aims to host an Education Event in the autumn term to showcase the award winners.

The winners of the individual awards at the beginning of their careers are:

  • Shivani Singh (FPHS) for her leadership role in the development and organisation of the Global Health stream of the Global Citizenship Programme;
  • Amit Batla (FBS) for his contribution to the development of the first fully distance learning programme in Clinical Neurology in the world (Diploma in Clinical Neurology via distance learning) and
  • Lawrence Bellamy (FLS) for his innovative work on assessment and feedback on large undergraduate courses including Introduction to Genetics which has over 460 students. The assessment for this module includes a term essay that is assessed using a combination of self, peer and module organiser review.

The winners in the individual experienced staff category include a joint award for the FPHS:

  • Will Coppola for his contribution to teaching over a number of key achievements including pioneering the use of mobile-based learning at UCL including a successful iPad pilot, the use of interactive teaching apps such as Nearpod and Mentimeter and his help establishing UCL’s first Distance-learning Masters programme run entirely using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE); and an award to
  • Caroline Fertleman who has led many innovative projects where she has supported others to further their careers. She fosters a sense of achievement by collaborating with and leading many different teams both within the hospital and at UCL, ranging from art projects and curriculum design to invited editorials and writing textbooks.

In the FBS, the award is shared between Alastair McClelland, for his across the board excellence and innovation for the undergraduate psychology students and Leun Otten for her widespread innovative and consistently excellent contribution to the UCL education environment in Cognitive Neuroscience.

The award for FMS is awarded to Jayne Kavanagh for her work on improving fairness in healthcare encompassing training and mentoring medical students and doctors, widening participation in medicine, engaging the public, and partnering with schools, NHS healthcare providers and Royal Colleges.

The team winners in the FPHS are Angela Poulter and Nadine Mogford for their development of a suite of Moodle pages for the IfWH MSc programmes designed to enhance the student learning experience and to provide an improved framework for the delivery of blended learning.

The winners in the FBS are Daniel Richardson, Stephanie Lazzaro and Jorina von Zimmermann who brought research into the centre of an introductory psychology module.

In the FLS there is a joint award shared between two teams:

  • Stephen Hilton and John Malkinson pioneered the development of 3D printing for the enhancement of the teaching and learning experience at the UCL School of Pharmacy (work supported by a SLMS Innovation and Excellence in Education Grant); and
  • Snezana Djordjevic, Ivan Gout and Josephine McNally organised and run a CPD course on Lab Techniques in Mammalian Cell Biology.

The Ningbo planning team won the team award for the FMS:

Deanne Attreed, Deirdre Wallace, John-george Nicholson and Paul McGovern for their creation and development of a highly successful postgraduate consultancy programme in teacher training for doctors from Ningbo University (NBU), China.

Thank you to the SLMS Education Awards panel, which was chaired by Teresa McConlogue from Center for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT).

Professor Joyce Harper

Chair SLMS Education Domain