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Moodle course reset process and LSAs 2020

Details of the Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot, and the approach to using Moodle for Late Summer Assessment (LSA) and resit examinations.

About the Snapshot

The Moodle LSA Snapshot is a 'point-in-time' copy of UCL Moodle taken for reference purposes.

All content in Moodle at the time of the snapshot is included in the copy. This year's snapshot was taken on Monday 13 July, 

The Moodle Late Summer Assessment (LSA)  Snapshot 2019-20 and Moodle 2020-21 are both available from the Moodle hub page.

The rationale for the approach detailed below is to remove two live instances of Moodle running at once as soon as is practically possible, to eliminate confusion to students during assessment periods. 

Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot  

The Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot is to be used for Late Summer Assessments to assess students who have deferred their 24 hour online exams. It will become read-only for staff and students from 30 November 2020.

Moodle 2020-21 Environment

Moodle 2020-21 is for ongoing teaching (courses that run outside of the standard academic calendar e.g. January- January) and new modules and programmes for the 2020-21 academic year. 

  • For courses where student activity was completed by 13 July 2020 and captured in the Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot, you can now reset the Moodle spaces in Moodle 2020-21 and update content, in preparation for a new cohort.  The process has changed slightly from last year, so please follow the updated guidance Reset your Moodle course – for standard undergraduate time table courses.
  • For courses where teaching is continuing and students remain active DO NOT RESET.  In this situation, simply HIDE the course in Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot 2019-20 and follow the Non-standard Reset instructions

The 2020-21 examination period

The main 2020-21 examination period will examine first attempts for assessments due to be completed in the 2020-21 academic year and all other outstanding reassessments.

All students completing  these assessments will need to be registered on the 2020-21 Moodle Environment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which instance of Moodle should I use to grade 24 hour exams and assessments submitted in Moodle 19/20 where teaching has been completed?

Grading of all 24-hour online exams and assessment where teaching was completed by 13 July 2020 should take place in the Moodle 2019-20 LSA Snapshot.

I have re-sits scheduled for January 2021 examination period. Which instance of Moodle will be used?

The January re-sit period will examine PGT and UG finalist students who need to complete re-sits for one or more of their 24 hour online examinations. The examination office will manage these centrally and add the relevant exam section where applicable. Re-sits will be done using the 20/21 Moodle environment.

Where teaching and assessment activities ended by 13 July 2020, Course Teams should reset their Moodle pages now and update them for the 2020-21 cohort.  

Course teams will later be required to enrol resitting students onto the correct Moodle 2020-21 course page in line with guidance from the Examination Office.

My module runs outside of the standard academic calendar e.g. a PG module that runs from January-January. Should I continue to use Moodle 2019-20?

No. If a module runs outside of the standard academic calendar, hide the instance of the module in Moodle 2019-20 (to avoid any confusion for students trying to access their teaching content). Teaching and assessment activities should take place in Moodle 2020-21.

I would like to have a new Moodle course created with the new Connected Learning baseline template applied .How do I request a new Moodle course and apply the Connected Learning baseline Template.

To request a new Moodle course, click on Staff help on the top Moodle menu bar, followed by Request a Moodle course. Ensure you request the new Connected Learning Baseline template.

Hide the existing (old) course in Moodle 2020-21.

When will the Portico enrolment block be available for Moodle 20/21?

The Portico enrolment block is currently unavailable. Once available, communication will be sent out via usual staff channels (TA Talk forum, The Week and the weekly bulletin to Education planning teams.)  

I have further questions regarding Moodle course resets and the running of Late Summer Assessments - who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding the examinations process please contact the Exams team.

If you have any concerns regarding the Moodle course resets, please contact Digital Education.