Teaching & Learning


UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014

On Thursday 3 April 2014, we explored what research-based education means.

Throughout the day’s programme, we explored what research-based education means, and particularly what it means for us as researchers, teachers, and learners at UCL.

Students at this university value the fact that they are taught by world-leading researchers. How else might research influence teaching and learning? The conference created a space to network and to exchange ideas about ways of providing students with opportunities to engage in research-like activities.

The conceptual framework for thinking about research-based education was provided by UCL President and Provost Michael Arthur and Etienne Wenger-Trayner in their keynotes.

  • Michael Arthur emphasised the importance of research-based learning at UCL, "taking students to the edge of knowledge".
  • Etienne Wenger-Trayner is internationally recognised for his work in the field of social learning and his development of the concept of communities of practice. In his keynote he considered how this concept could be applied to research-based education at UCL.

In the opening session of the conference, Dilly Fung (Arena Centre Director) and Rosalind Duhs (Arena Centre Associate Director) launched the new UCL Arena scheme; UCL Arena is a meeting place for colleagues to share approaches to teaching and learning. UCL staff can choose to gain professional recognition awards (accredited by the Higher Education Academy) for their expertise in teaching and supporting learning.

The opening session was followed by presentations from over 70 UCL staff who shared their teaching and learning experiences with an audience of over 300 UCL and external participants.