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FAQs for the UCL Education Awards

Please read the below FAQs before submitting a nomination to the UCL Education Awards.

Who is eligible for a UCL Education Award?

The awards are open to any member of staff or postgraduate student who teaches, or supports learning. 

What are the categories of award?

Awards will be awarded for the following categories:

  • Academic support, with a focus on personal tutoring and/or research supervision
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Eliminating awarding gaps
  • Openness and Inclusion    
  • PGTAs
  • Staff-student partnership 
  • Innovation and Transformation, with a focus building learning communities 
  • Sustainability  

Every individual or team whose nomination is sent forward by their faculty or Professional Services Unit to the Panel will receive a UCL Faculty Education award. Awards will be either individual or team awards.

Provost’s Education awards will go to a subset of these deemed by the panel to be exceptional. 

    What kind of practices win awards?

    UCL Education awards recognise outstanding work that enhances learning, improves student outcomes and develops research-based education: the nomination should make clear how particular practice effected change and assess the positive impact this had on student learning. Evidence might detail practice that fosters active enquiry, work in the area of personal tutoring and academic support in general, or students exploring connections between the teaching and the research culture, for instance through UCL ChangeMakers. 

    Nominations can include activities in the classroom (see the criteria below) and beyond the classroom, such as:

    • innovations in communications processes
    • diversifying reading lists
    • consultation and student partnerships
    • special events
    • buddying programmes
    What are the criteria for individual awards?

    The extent to which these criteria will be weighted in the final judgement will be commensurate with career stage and role: for instance, PGTAs would be expected to have more limited possibilities for criterion 2 and 3, whereas professors or principal teaching fellows would be expected to be strong on those. 

    The panel is particularly interested in example demonstrating excellence across UCL:

    1. Individual excellence: evidence of enhancing and transforming the student learning experience commensurate with the individual’s context and the opportunities afforded by it.
    2. Raising the profile of excellence: evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning; demonstrating impact and engagement beyond the nominee’s immediate academic or professional role.
    3. Developing excellence: evidence of the nominee’s commitment to her/his on-going professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support.
    What are the criteria for team awards?

    The judging panel is looking for strong evidence of impact.

    1. Aims, objectives and rationale for the team's approach to a particular learning scenario, environment or issue.
    2. Explanation of how the team collaborate and how that collaboration has been an advantage.
    3. Demonstration of student involvement with the team.
    4. Focus on how the team has addressed a thematic issue such as assessment and feedback, employability, students as partners etc.
    5. Description of how the team has tackled a particular situation.
    6. Detailed and reflective account of the outcomes and impact of the collaborative work Evidence and discussion of how the team's work has enhanced student learning.
    What is the nomination process? 

    Nominations will be made within departments or similar units and will then be submitted for consideration at Faculty or management level. 


    How are winners chosen? 

    The nominations put forward by faculties and professional services will be considered by UCL Education Awards panel drawn from across UCL and externally.

    What form do the awards take?

    From the winners of the Provost's Education Awards, up to three individuals will be selected and supported by the Arena Centre to put together a case for a National Teaching Fellowship.