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FAQs for the UCL Education Awards

Please read the below FAQs before submitting a nomination to the UCL Education Awards.

Who is eligible for a UCL Education Award?

The awards are open to any member of staff or postgraduate student who teaches, or supports learning. 

What are the categories of award?
  • Innovating: with a particular interest in nominations that show evidence of new, rigorous ways that combine education and cutting-edge research     
  • Impactful partnerships: focussing on engaging and impactful partnerships between students and staff.   
  • Celebrating education: practices that celebrate teaching and learning, and staff who teach and support teaching  
  • Improving the student experience: through improved infrastructure or processes that enhance the teaching and learning experience    
  • Enhancing belonging: supporting diversity and creating a sense of community for students, and between students and staff.   
What kind of practices win awards?

The UCL Education Awards recognise outstanding work that enhances learning, and improves student outcomes experience. Nominations should give clear evidence of how practice has effected change and improvement. 

What are the criteria for awards?

Nominations will be assessed with consideration given to the context of the nominees’ career stage and role. They will be assessed in terms of:

  • Sustainability of impact beyond the immediate work carried out to ensure that maximum benefit can be gained from the work.
  • Clarity of evidence of impact on creating an inclusive student experience and education commensurate with the nominee’s context.
  • Benefit to UCL student learning and support.
    What is the nomination process? 

    Nominations will be made within departments or similar units and will then be submitted for consideration at faculty level. Faculties will Faculty Education Award winners to the UCL Provost’s Education Awards panel.  

    Nominations should be no more than 300 words, with the key evidence bullet-pointed, detailing: 

    • The work carried out 
    • The nominee’s contribution to the work 
    • Evidence of sustainable impact of the work on an inclusive student education and experience.  
    How are winners chosen? 

    The nominations put forward by faculties and professional services will be considered by the UCL Provost’s Education Awards panel, who expect to award one winner and one runner-up in each category.