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Embracing a pedagogy of care, 12 June (in-person)

12 June 2023, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm

BAME Awarding Gap Fund: Engineering 1

This session is an opportunity to explore some of the central themes that define a pedagogy of care and discuss changing approaches to the ways we work for the good of our students as well as ourselves.

Event Information

Open to

UCL staff




UCL Arena Centre


This event will be in-person. Details will be sent nearer the time of the event.
1-19 Torrington Place
United Kingdom

12 June 2023, 1pm-2:30pm 

It is very easy in a modern university to get absorbed with systems, processes, data and results that often de-centre the individuals that work and study within these systems. We hear increasingly of the troubling consequences of student wellbeing issues and of staff burnout, and the pandemic has exacerbated many of the tensions and issues consequent of highly-pressurised ways of working and being that are common in higher education. A pedagogy of care deliberately pushes against these pressurised phenomena. It centres individuals by starting with respect, trust, inclusion and relationship-building as precursors to dialogue and affective development as well as academic development

This workshop will:

  • Define pedagogy of care 
  • Challenge colleagues to explore the possibility of reconfiguring our drivers/ orientations 
  • Centre compassion/ trust/ social justice/ wellbeing 
  • Suggest practical approaches- e.g. signposting and expectation management/ checking-in techniques/ humanising our approaches to teaching and assessment 

After attending this session you will be able to:

  • Critique their own and departmental teaching practices and programme management through the lens of a pedagogy of care 
  • Discuss issues and consequences of common impersonal HE teaching and assessment practices and develop (or critique) care/ trust/ affective-driven approaches 

Who should attend

Early career, mid career, education leaders, personal tutors, supervisors. Any colleagues who design teaching, learning and/ or assessment activities from programme level, through to single sessions and/ or with pastoral or supervisory responsibilities