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Hybrid teaching & meetings: technical things and techniques,24 October (hybrid)

24 October 2022, 11:00 am–12:15 pm

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This session, delivered by the Arena Centre, will offer a generalised ‘how to’, and a number of practical considerations (and questions) to aid a smoother experience for all parties in a hybrid event and stress reducing approaches for those hosting!

This event is free.

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UCL staff






UCL Arena Centre


This event will be hybrid
Details of the Zoom link and room will be sent closer to the date.
United Kingdom

Monday 24 October, 11pm-12.15pm 

The word ‘hybrid’ may in itself be enough to provoke dread and fear or excitement and anticipation. Our experiences in-pandemic lockdowns and in the post lockdown liminal space of partial return to campus meant that many of us were obliged to host teaching events or work meetings in hybrid form. As we look ahead we of course are focused on ensuring most teaching happens in person, on campus. But what about coping with extra-ordinary circumstances? What about bringing external speakers into those physical spaces? What about those meetings that involve colleagues who now spend a proportion of time working remotely? What about connecting remotely with students where a reasonable accommodation for long term illness or disability may well have hybrid elements as part of the recommended support package? If hybrid can help in any of these situations it’s sensible to be prepared both technically and practically.

This workshop will:

  • Explore some of the affordances of hybrid for work an teaching compared to other modalities (notwithstanding the clear guidance that in person is the expected default for most teaching in 22-23) 
  • To offer basic guidance on how to set up small hybrid events in UCL teaching spaces 
  • To share some guidance on effective ways to run hybrid sessions 

After attending this session you will:

  • Make informed decisions about whether and how to use hybrid for teaching sessions and/ or meetings 
  • Distinguish ‘degrees’ of hybridity and make judgements about which to implement 
  • Adapt delivery, session, room, meeting dynamics and approaches according to different degrees of hybridity, need and necessity. 

Who should attend

Early career, mid career, education leaders, professional and technical services. Any colleagues- academic or professional services- who organise and host meetings and/ or design teaching, learning and/ or assessment activities from programme level through to single sessions and may need to run sessions where other presenters are remote or some attendees need to be remote.