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Storytelling Techniques to support your students learning 22 July

22 July 2020, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm

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Discover the power of a story to motivate your students and enhance their learning, in this workshop delivered by external speaker, Professor Jo Tomalin (San Francisco State University).

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UCL Arena Centre


Arena Room, 10th Floor
1-19 Torrington Place, London
United Kingdom

Wednesday 22 July 10:00 - 16:00

External speaker, Professor Jo Tomalin (San Francisco State University) is delivering this session, which is open to all staff at UCL who teach and present to an audience. 

Storytelling activities can frame your narrative to deliver engaging content. In this workshop, you will learn storytelling techniques to include stories and storytelling into classroom teaching.

This workshop will:

  • explore storytelling skills
  • discuss how and why to apply storytelling techniques in the classroom
  • help you retain the subject matter and
  • place emphasis on collaborative learning, and; 
  • create imaginative ways to adapt storytelling activities to different subjects

After attending this session you will

  • be able to use a variety of storytelling techniques for short or long activities
  • apply storytelling skills to your subject matter

This is a hybrid course comprising 2 asynchronous and 1 synchronous sessions (approximately 2 hours each session). All session will be conducted on Microsoft Teams .

  • Session 1: Introduction –from 9 am on the 15th July 2020, Asynchronous online self-paced introduction to storytelling as an effective pedagogical tool; discover a variety of storytelling techniques.
  • Session 2: Practice - 10am to 12:30pm on the 22nd July 2020, Synchronous Discussion and practice integrating stories and storytelling activities (from Session 1 reading) into your teaching; Q&A.
  • Session 3: Follow-up -  from 9 am on the 23rd July 2020, Asynchronous online discussion sharing ideas to adapt storytelling techniques to your subject areas for effective teaching strategies; Q&A.

Who should attend

You should attend if you are a member of UCL staff. 

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants and all early career educators/professional services will find this session particularly useful.

About the Speaker

Professor Jo Tomalin

at San Francisco State University

An expert in movement, physical theatre & voice - Jo Tomalin teaches, directs, presents national & international workshops, writes Theatre & Dance reviews in the US and Europe and is a pioneer of online teaching at SF State.

More about Professor Jo Tomalin