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BAME Awarding Gap Funded Project: Department of Anthropology

Collaborative Film-Making Module on Racism and Educational Violence

Antonia Walford, UCL Social & Historical Sciences

Project date: June 2022 - October 2024


The project will develop and roll out a collaborative film-making module which has as its focus Racism and Educational Violence. It will be run as a Y3/4 and postgraduate taught module. Students will be guided through a process of collaboratively producing a film that reflects their experiences and understandings of the relationships between racism and educational violence. The module takes educational violence broadly to mean the systematic erosion and oppression of students’ confidence and capacities through an educational culture that excludes them, and educational structures - from pedagogical ideologies to assessment types - that are stacked against them. The module will draw on and develop methods of collaborative filmmaking developed by Dieter Deswarte, lecturer in the department of Anthropology, as well as on the experiential and investigative story-telling skills that students learn throughout their time in Anthropology.

The rationale for the project stems from qualitative and quantitative research in the department, growing evidence that the awarding gap must be addressed through department culture (Bunce and King, 2019) and the highly successful Leads Trinity Race Equality Project, in which filmmaking is used as a means to address racial inequality within their university. 


Bunce, L and King, N, (2019) Academics' perceptions of students' motivation for learning and their own motivation for teaching in a marketized higher education context, British Journal of Education Psychology, 90:3, 790-808