Sustainable UCL


Decarbonising our building operations

UCL is using a number of technologies to help reduce the carbon emissions – and energy costs – associated with our estate.

Building improvements

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Solar panels

We have been squeezing solar panels in wherever we can and in 2019 we generated 69,750kWh from our onsite solar panels!

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Heating and cooling improvements 

UCL is investing in more efficient heating and cooling systems, gradually retiring or upgrading older equipment. In many of our buildings, waste heat is recovered from ventilation systems to help reduce energy use. We’re also making improvements to building fabric – insulating roofs and installing double glazing. Plus, by connecting our room booking system to our heating control system, unoccupied rooms are not heated unnecessarily.  

Energy saving

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New LED lights 

By replacing high-energy use incandescent lamps with LED downlighters we are able to reduce energy usage.

New bulbs at Bloomsbury Theatre save energy

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Switching off