Sustainable UCL


Solar paneled buildings

We have been squeezing solar panels in wherever we can and in 2019 we generated 69,750kWh from our onsite solar panels! That's 1,860,000 cups of tea!

A group of students on a UCL roof with solar panels

1 August 2019

Buying renewable electricity helps to stimulate the renewable energy market and it is hoped that this will lead to more renewable energy generation in the future.

As a city centre campus, we are limited by the amount of renewable energy we can generate on campus. However, we can make use of solar panels. 

Each unit of electricity that we buy is backed by an externally verified Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. 

Solar-paneled buildings at UCL

  • Central House (14 panels, annual saving of 3150kWh)
  • John Dodgson (24 panels, annual saving of 5,400kWh)
  • Bentham House (36 panels, annual saving of 10,800kWh)
  • Archaeology (45 panels, annual saving of 13,500kWh)
  • 22 Gordon Street (48 panels, annual saving of 14,400kWh)
  • Langton Close (96 panels, annual saving of 27,000kWh), see live power generation
  • Student Centre (150 panels, annual saving of 45,000kWh), see live power generation

Carbon Data for your building

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We’d love your help to reduce this energy use and so we’ve made our carbon and energy data available for each of our buildings. To gain access please access the Fabriq platform using UCL_Energy_Data as username and password. 

> Detailed information on your building's carbon emissions through Fabriq