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Cycling is for everyone, and with more people looking for alternatives to public transport, there’s never been a better time to be a new cyclist!

This page aims to provide students and staff with support and guidance on how to cycle to and from campus and between sites. If you live a bit closer to UCL walking can also be a great option, see our top tips here. 

Why cycle?

Cycling is a truly invigorating and liberating experience, enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whilst cycling to and from UCL has the obvious benefit of avoiding public transport, there are lots of additional benefits! 

It's cheap

Once you have your bike, lock, lights and a helmet, apart from the occasional maintenance cost, bikes are much cheaper than getting public transport, especially in London where it can average at £7 per day! There are lots of opportunities to get free maintenance, see our 'Fix Your Ride' page for information. 

It's fun and social

In our current situation, getting out and about, exercising and enjoying nature has been one of the few saving graces. Cycling to work can provide all three, and what's more cycling across London is exciting! There are few main cycle paths that dissect London, so you could cycle home with a colleague for company. 

It's fast

A six-mile cycle can sound daunting, but on a bike it’s not that far – and it can be faster than a train. For instance, a 40-minute train journey from Deptford in South East London to Kings Cross, with one change at London Bridge, takes the same time to cycle at a glacial pace (around 40 mins), along one cycle path. You’ll be surprised at how quick, easy and safe cycling can be!  

It's healthy

A large amount of Central London is being made car-free as a result of Covid, and many new cycle lanes are being created– so it’s probably the safest time to cycle! Cycle paths now often have separate traffic lights for bikes, so you get a head start before cars can move, and there are bike boxes at lights, so you can sit safely in front of cars.  

If you cycle half an hour five times a week at a slow pace, you can reach the recommended minimum for aerobic activity; combining your daily commute with your exercise! 

See the local changes to your area with regards to cycle lanes and parking here.

It's good for the environment

If you cycle rather than drive, you’re sparing others the associated noise, danger, climate emissions and pollution of car use. This last is particularly relevant given studies linking high levels of pollution to worse outcomes from coronavirus. As UCL has committed to being a carbon zero institution by 2030, we are not encouraging driving to campus. 

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Photograph of Dr.Bike

Choose a Bike

From hybrids, to electric and second-hand bikes, pay as you go and renters, find a suitable bike for you.

Photograph of Bike Maintenance

Fix Your Ride

From free maintenance vouchers to tips and tricks on fixing your bicycle, get your bike back into shape.

Image of cyclists

Buddy Up!

Our new buddy scheme will pair experienced and new cyclists to create confident bike commuters.

Photograph of a student getting on a bike

Cycle with Confidence

Learn the rules of the road, your rights and get training to become a confident cyclist.

Photograph of bike lock

Get Kitted Out

Helmets, lights and bells are essential for safe cycling. Find out more here.

Photograph of cycle parking

Park, Shower and Store Your Stuff

View our map to find bike parking, storage and shower facilities across campus.

Photograph of the Tavistock Cycle Lane

Find Your Route

Be it quiet routes, or fast cycle superhighways, see the best routes for getting to UCL.

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Join Our Community

Our cycling network allows you to ask fellow staff and students questions about cycling.


Wheels for Wellbeing

An award-winning charity supporting disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Bike with text to indicate cycle parking

Cycling Posters and Screens

Download our cycling posters and screens to raise awareness of our new cycle parking on campus.