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Bike Buddy Scheme

New or getting back into cycling? Unsure of the best route for your commute? Want to cycle with someone else? UCL’s Bike Buddy scheme can help.

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19 November 2022

UCL has set up a bike buddy scheme to connect experienced cyclists with staff and students who are new to commuting by bike. The buddy assists them with feeling safe on their routes to and from work or study at UCL. 

Who should join? 

Any staff member or student can join the scheme if they: 

  • Have a bicycle but aren't very confident cycling on the roads;
  • Are new to London and haven't cycled here before; 
  • Want some company on their cycling commute;
  • Would like advice on routes to and from campus; 
  • Are experienced, confident cyclist who regularly cycle to UCL and want to support others. 

Buddy bikes help with: 

  • Local knowledge of routes to and from UCL and around campus; 
  • Selecting the most appropriate route and riding it with you; 
  • Tips on riding in traffic, in different environments and in different weather conditions; 
  • Advice on where you can park your bike at your place of work/study; 
  • Advice for maintenance and minor repairs of the bicycle. 

Buddies are not able to: 

  • Teach you how to ride - Bike Buddies are not there to teach people to ride a bike safely and assume no liability in the event of an accident or injury. 
  • Fix a bike – While buddies may be able to advise on basic maintenance checks (although this is not guaranteed), they are not expected to replace parts.

Become a buddy

If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to offer support, you should: 

  1. Complete our short questionnaire;
  2. We will use this information to add you to the cycle buddy list page (password protected);
  3. Potential buddies can then get in touch with you directly. 

Find a buddy 

If you are a less experienced cyclist and would like a Bike Buddy, you should: 

  1. Check the cycle buddy list (UCL login required);
  2. Find a colleague or fellow student who matches your commute;
  3. Make contact with them directly to discuss your needs and arrange a meeting.

NB: Bike Buddies are not responsible for cyclists. Buddies can refer cyclists to get additional training if they are concerned about their cycling confidence. 

Cycle UCL

You may also be interested in Cycle UCL. A Teams site for staff and students to support each other in cycling to and from and around UCL.
Members can ask and share knowledge, guidance and tips for cycling in London and across the world.


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