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Join us for 28 Days of Sustainability!

Keen to host a sustainability event? Now's your chance! Sustainable UCL are delighted to launch ‘28 Days of Sustainability’, happening from Monday 12th February until Sunday 10th March 2024.

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18 January 2024

This is your opportunity to take the lead!

Whether you are passionate about running sustainability events or eager to immerse yourself in the action throughout the month, we want you to be part of this exciting initiative!

Throughout the ‘28 Days of Sustainability’ campaign, our aim is to provide a friendly, safe and inclusive space for students and staff to discuss challenging topics relating to our sustainability research, network and exchange ideas.

Join us in encouraging participation in Green Impact and LEAF (to make our offices and labs sustainable) and to collectively celebrate the remarkable achievements of the UCL community. Together we can make Change Possible!

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What is 28 Days of Sustainability?

28 Days of Sustainability will feature talks, tours, swap shops and more, but we need your help. We are looking to UCL staff and students to submit expressions of interest to hold their own events during the week - so that the full breadth of sustainability action across UCL is represented. These events can be specific to your accommodation, department, or office, or be open to the whole UCL community.

Events will follow three broad themes relating to the three foundations underpinning our Sustainability Strategy.

  1. UCL Inspires Action – inspiring and empowering our peers, students, colleagues, and the wider world to take action on sustainability. Events might include public-facing initiatives, exhibitions/showcases, and behaviour change initiatives.
  2. UCL Shapes the Debate – creating solutions and discussing ideas for a more sustainable world. Events might include academic talks and workshops.
  3. UCL is Run Sustainably – making sure UCL and London is a sustainable place to work and live. Events could include second-hand item swaps/sales, events focused on Green Impact and LEAF, vegan cooking workshops, and nature walks.

UCL Sustainability Strategy: Change Possible 

What events could I organise?

Below are some examples of events that you may wish to organise: 

  • Talk/workshop from an academic or professional working in sustainability;
  • A trip to one of London’s parks or nature reserves;
  • Tour of your facility or a nearby site of interest, for example showing how your building is sustainable or energy efficient;
  • Social ride, run or walk with an environmental theme;
  • Volunteering with a local organisation;
  • Host plant-based bring-your-own-food lunch or bake-off;
  • Second-hand book sale or seeds and bulbs exchange;
  • Film or documentary showing on a sustainability related topic;
  • A sustainability book club;
  • Crafts workshop;
  • Museum tours, temporary exhibitions, or a photography showcase.

You can also find inspiration by looking at the events programme from our 28 Days of Sustainability in 2022. 

View the 2022 programme

How can I sign up to run an event?

If you have an idea and would like to host an event, please register your interest using our sign-up form and we will be in touch with more details. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 9th February 2024, but please submit your proposal as soon as possible to give plenty of time for promotion.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details yet – filling in the form will help you plan, and you can confirm exact details (such as timings) a little closer to the day. 

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Who can organise an event?

Any member of UCL, staff or student, can propose an event. You do not need to be part of any formal network, group, or society to host an event. If you have already planned a sustainability-related event for a day within the 28 days, please let us know and we would be happy to list it on the programme.

If you are a local organisation who would like to host an event, or flag an opportunity to the UCL community which coincides with the 28 Days, please also feel free to get in touch.

How do I organise an event for 28 Days of Sustainability?  

The programme will offer events spread throughout the 28 days and the themes.

If your submission for collaboration is approved, we will get in touch to finalise details and offer support to run your event. This support will include the 28 Days of Sustainability branding kit, relevant channels for communication, and other information. You will then be responsible for the running of your own event. 

There is no funding available from Sustainable UCL for events. All costs (if applicable) must be funded by event organisers.

When planning your event, think of your target audience and what time of the day will be best for them. Also take time to consider whether your event will be in person, hybrid, or online, and the different logistical requirements of each of these formats. Remember to ensure your event is safe, accessible, and inclusive. 

> See our event organisation guidance here 

Where can I view the event programme?

Once the programme begins to take shape, we will list events on our website here.

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If you have any questions, please contact Dan, Sustainability Engagement Officer.