Sustainable UCL


The UCL Careers Wormery

UCL Careers have taken a novel approach to tackling the large amount of food waste that their offices and events generate, by recycling it via a wormery.

Photograph of Careers Wormery

1 September 2019

The worms in the wormery feed on food waste and convert it into into liquid feed and a rich compost.

Members of the Careers sustainable team are aiming to use the wormery to create liquid fertiliser and compost for the plants in their office, and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint by removing the need for a refuse company come and collect their food waste. And the worms have become an important part of life in the division. All new-starters have a sustainable induction and their ‘feed the worms’ sessions are very popular, helping to bring wider sustainability issues to life.

Find out more by emailing UCL Careers Green Champion Natalie Flintoff.