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Musculoskeletal Regeneration Steering Group (MRSG)


What is MRSG?

The Musculoskeletal Regeneration Steering Group (MRSG) at UCL IOMS was created to push the frontiers of regenerative approaches to musculoskeletal medicine. It is a dynamic forum to bring together scientific, clinical and commercial thinking to share knowledge and develop trials that can produce an evidence base to the rapidly growing area of tissue regeneration. The MRSG meets quarterly and at each meeting a key opinion leader in the field presents their work.

Why was is it formed?

Orthopaedic surgery has been highly successful in repairing, realigning and replacing damaged musculoskeletal structures. The coming years will establish whether a paradigm shift from replacement to regeneration, is possible, clinically feasible, and financially viable.

This requires the creation of an evidence base that meets today’s high standards of reliability and validity. To contribute to this, we need a research pipeline which runs from basic laboratory research, through preclinical in vivo experiments, industrial scale-up, first-in-man clinical studies to controlled clinical trials. The MRSG was formed to meet this unmet need.

Who sits on it?

The MRSG is comprised of clinical, academic and commercial experts including:

Mr Andrew Goldberg OBE (Chair)
Professor Gordon Blunn
Professor Allen Goodship
Professor Roger Smith
Professor David Marsh
Dr Cooper Ko (RMS)
Dr Helen Birch
Mr Simon Lambert
Dr Iva Hauptmannova
Dr Louise Kim

Contact Us

Dr Louise Kim

Tel: +44(0)208 909 5825


Musculoskeletal Regeneration Steering Group (MRSG)

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