UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Stanmore Open Day 2017

30 June 2017

Stanmore OD 2

The Stanmore Open Day was held on Saturday 22nd April at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. The event, organised by the UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science and RNOH Research Innovation Centre in collaboration with UCL ASPIRE CREATe.

The open day was put together in order to showcase the RNOH – UCL partnership and engage attendees with the research and teaching work on site and the process for translating this into clinical practice. 

The event was promoted to patients of the hospital and their family members, members of the public from the local area, prospective students, schools and other local organisations. During the course of the open day over 120 visitors attended the Stanmore campus to browse stands, ask questions and explore what goes behind the closed doors throughout the site. 

A key organiser of the event, Rui Loureiro said this about the event: "Being able to communicate science to the general public is as important as doing great science! It was a vibrant event that showcased the amazing work we do at Stanmore. This is an event that shows the capacity of the RNOH/UCL partnership, together we are better".

Starting at 11am, the day included a series of taster workshops including trying out clinical and surgical skills, learning about the neuroscience of muscle contraction and the latest innovations in tissue engineering and robotics. The workshops were designed to give members of the public an in-depth yet understandable introduction to some of the research topics of the campus.

There were also a series of interactive stands and demonstrations to excite and entice the audiences, including contributions from the London Implant Retrieval Centre, the Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology and the RNOH Research innovation area. The demonstrations offered a unique chance for the public to learn about the most cutting edge developments the various research groups are working on, such as patient-specific hip replacement implants, robotic and assistive technology for patients with Spinal Cord Injuries and the wider clinical research landscape at the hospital. 

A variety of campus tours also gave audiences the opportunity to visit real operating theatres, research labs rehabilitation centres. In addition, attendees were able to learn not only about the unique history of RNOH but its future, with a tour of the new hospital currently being built on site. The new building will provide 91 new beds in a state of the art facility that reflects and enhances the medical excellence that the RNOH is renowned for.

Stanmore OD 1