UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


UCL Diversity in Surgery (UCL DiSC)

12 November 2014


The UCL Diversity in Surgery committee is due to hold it's first meeting and we would appreciate expressions of interests from those students who feel they wish to voice their diversity towards attracting the best of every demographic towards a future in surgery. 

The world of Surgery has an image problem in some people's eyes. For many this perceived culture can put them off even considering the career, or get in the way if them getting the most from  their surgical placements. We want this not just to stop but to turn around completely. In 2015 we want to create a movement within the core of the division of surgery that will attract the brightest and best to excel. For all to feel a sense of belonging, to identify with a winning team and a centre of learning excellence. 

We will start the ball rolling with improving our appeal and celebrating our diversity.

All applications welcome to DiSC -come and contribute about how we can reset the agenda! Contact Tom Quick.