UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


Hashim Ahmed awarded funding from PCUK

30 May 2014

Hashim Ahmed, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon, has been awarded £171,000 from Prostate Cancer UK to test the hypothesis that multi-parametric ultrasound has the ability to detect and rule-out clinically significant prostate cancer as an alternative to biopsies.

Multi-parametric ultrasound uses different types of ultrasound images to visualise different aspects of the tissue. In other words, the standard greyscale images shows the gross anatomy, Power Doppler and Contrast enhanced Ultrasound image blood supply (cancers have more blood supply), and Real-Time Elastography images the density of tissue (cancer are more dense).

This outpatient based imaging test which lasts for only ten minutes could be very accurate in diagnosing prostate cancer. It is also cheaper for the NHS than other imaging tests such as multi-parametric MRI. A large prospective blinded, cohort validating study is proposed, in which multi-parametric ultrasound will be compared to multi-parametric MRI using transperineal targeted biopsies.