UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


UCLU Medical Society Research Section to offer 10 MBBS students £400 bursary

9 April 2014

The newly established UCL Medical Society Research Section seeks to promote research among UCL medical students and inspire the next generation of academic clinicians. With the support of the Academy of Medical Sciences INSPIRE programme, the Research Section organises a range of activities including a Research Seminar Series, an Annual Symposium and, most importantly, the Summer Studentships.

The Research Section will be offering bursaries of £400 per student for up to 10 UCL medical students. Successful applicants for this scheme will complete a 4 week lab-based project between July and September 2014, and submit a short report as well as present their work at the Annual Symposium expected to be around March 2015. This scheme is the centrepiece of the programme and it is hoped that medical students will be encouraged to participate in further biomedical research through the MBPhD programme, as well as bring this passion for research into their later studies and careers. Please contact research@medicalsociety.org.uk for further information.