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Creating Effective Warnings for All - Resources & Media

View all outputs from the 2023 WRC conference here: recordings, slides, photos, art & more!

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Conference Brochure

Download the full 'Creating Effective Warnings For All' conference brochure below:

Creating Effective Warnings For All - Conference Brochure

You can also download a copy of the brief 2023 programme here.


You can view recordings for all sessions held in the Kennedy Lecture Theatre and the Leolin Price Lecture Theatre on our YouTube channel now. Links to playlists for each day are available below:

11 September 2023 Playlist
12 September 2023 Playlist
13 September 2023 Playlist

Graphical Reports

Lorna Schütte, graphic recorder and illustrator, joined the conference to gather words and thoughts into incredible images from selected sessions. View Lorna's work from the conference below:


Artists Hameed Khan and Eugenia Rojo joined the WRC conference to create an array of thought-provoking cartoons; view them below:


View a selection of images taken throughout our first three-day, international conference:


Warnings for All - Doctors with Africa CUAMM

4 Ways to Improve Early Warning Systems - Pauliina Vesaluoma

Creating Effective Warnings for All - Everbridge
Our sponsor Everbridge kindly took video footage at the conference compiling a video from a range of key stakeholders, highlighting the importance of collaborating for safety and the vital role of events like the ‘Creating Effective Warnings for All’ conference. Read the blog and watch the brilliant video below now. We are deeply grateful to the Everbridge team for this additional output.

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwp1la6eNV4



View slides and presentations from selected conference sessions.

Our Sponsors and Supporters

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the organisations that have partnered with us to deliver this ground-breaking event. We are grateful to our sponsorship partners for their recognition of our work, their passion for warnings, inclusion, and their support of this event. Together, we're delivering the first UCL Warning Research Centre Conference in 2023.

Our Gold Sponsors


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Lloyds Register Foundation

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Our Silver Sponsor

Risk and Early Action Partnership

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Our Bronze Sponsor


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We would also like to thank supporters of the conference who have provided resources to enable the conference to operate, alongside our session convenors.

Anticipation Hub

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