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STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


UCL- STS Responsible Research and Innovation

The RRI Hub at UCL provides a diverse range of RRI-focused trainings and workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate students (including those in EPSRC Centers for Doctoral Training (CDT)


Dr Saheli Datta Burton

Lecturer (Teaching) in Science Policy (Responsible Research and Innovation)

Dr Datta Burton’s research focuses on the (trans)national governance of emerging technologies with a focus on data-driven health and digital technologies.

Dr Stephen Hughes

S Hughes
Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society 

Dr Hughes is an expert in science communication and responsible innovation. His work explores emotions at the intersections of science, technology, and society.

Dr Cian O'Donovan

Dr Cian O'Donovan
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Cian O'Donovan is an expert in the politics of innovation, especially digital transformations in long term care.

Dr Melanie Smallman

Dr Melanie Smallman
Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies

Dr Smallman is an expert on science communication and policy, especially in the area of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Professor Jack Stilgoe

Prof Jack Stilgoe
Professor of Science and Technology Policy

Prof Stilgoe is an expert in the governance of emerging technologies.

Greta Albertini

Postgraduate Teaching assistant 

News: Research, Projects, and Grants 

https://www.rai.ac.uk/teams Responsible AI UK is an international ecosystem for responsible AI research and innovation (Co-Lead Policy & Public Engagement: Professor Jack Stilgoe)

Exploring the ethical, legal, social, political, and economic issues of manufacturing, distribution, access, and reimbursement (PI: Saheli Datta Burton)

Training & Short Courses

The RRI Hub at UCL provides a diverse range of RRI-focused trainings and workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate students (including those in EPSRC Centers for Doctoral Training (CDT)) as well as professionals both within and beyond university settings. Since its setup in 2019, the Hub has expanded its offerings considerably with its current CDT training portfolio alone spanning eleven of UCL’s EPSRC funded CDTs including those jointly run with (and involving CDT students at) other the Universities of Cambridge (CDT for Electronic & Photonic Systems), Cardiff (Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing), Loughborough (Energy Resilience and the Built Environment), Manchester (BioDesign) and Imperial College London (BioDesign). 
This training is offered at three levels, aimed at the three years of PhD study: basic (level 1) combining a self-paced learning component) for first year PhDs, intermediate (Level 2) for second years and advanced (Level 3) for third years.

Beyond this CDT portfolio, the Hub’s executive education offers short courses for interested professionals of varying seniority across diverse sectors (including transport, health, banking, and construction). 

RRI CDT Trainings in progress (a selection)

-    EPSRC & SFI CDT in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment with the University of Loughborough (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021671/1)
-    EPSRC & SFI Centre for Doctoral Training in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/ S023054/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in AI-enabled Healthcare Systems (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021612/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Geometry and Number Theory at the Interface (known as ‘The London School of Geometry and Number Theory’) (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021590/1)          
-    EPSRC CDT in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021868/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in BioDesign Engineering with the University of Manchester and Imperial College (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S022856/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Delivering Quantum Technologies (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021582/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Cybersecurity (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S022503/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Intelligent, Integrated Imaging In Healthcare (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S021930/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Compound Semiconductor Manufacture with the University of Cardiff (EPSRC Grant Ref: EPS024441/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Foundational Artificial Intelligence (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/ S021566/1)
-    EPSRC CDT in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems with the University of Cambridge (EPSRC Grant Ref: EP/S022139/1)


For further information, enquiries, and consultancies, please contact:
Dr Saheli Datta Burton – saheli.burton@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Stephen Hughes – stephen.hughes@ucl.ac.uk

For Short Courses for Industry Professionals please click HERE.