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Engaging the Public with Science (HPSC0127)

Students will critically reflect on the theory and context that underpins such activities such as models of publics and audiences, rationales for engagement in different contexts.

This module focuses on the many different ways in which publics engage with science in face-to-face contexts. Teaching will particularly focus on direct interactions such as science festivals and other more informal activities, and on how specific public groups, such as patient and citizen groups get involved, and engage with, scientific and medical research. Alongside gaining a practical understanding of how to organize such activities, students will also critically reflect on the theory and context that underpins such activities such as models of publics and audiences, rationales for engagement in different contexts and the wider policy contexts and historical trends.

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Course Objectives: 

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • demonstrate a practical understanding of public engagement with science activities in a range of public contexts
  • offer analysis of the theoretical underpinnings of practical activity in this area.
  • understand the historical and policy context within which public engagement has developed
  • recognise the needs, priorities and motivations of specific stakeholder communities and be able to work in partnership to develop appropriate project ideas suitable for those contexts
  • evaluate the effectiveness of public engagement processes in particular
    social contexts
  • reflect on the purpose, relevance and effectiveness of public engagement.

Full pdf details:

UCL Module Catalogue: Engaging the Public with Science (HPSC0127)