Policies and regulations

Find out all you need to know about policies and regulations at UCL and try out some tasks.

HR policies

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Policy advice regarding conditions of service, leave, grievance, disciplinary issues, equal opportunities and day to day employment concerns.

Data Protection

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Information and policies on the way personal data can be collected, used, retained and deleted.

Finance policies

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All finance policies plus consultancy, financial statements, charitable statements and VAT numbers.

Information security and computing regulations

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Policies governing the availability, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of information.

Health and safety

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Safety advice, regulations and information on risk management.

Visual identity guidance

UCL letterheads

Visual identity and brand guidance and toolkits covering logos, templates and house style.

Academic policy and quality

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The regulations set out in the Academic Manual, and the regular quality review processes UCL undertakes to ensure and maintain the best academic practices.

Research ethics and integrity

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Policies and guidance governing the integrity and probity of UCL's academic research.


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We have an ambitious vision to create and maintain a cleaner, greener, healthier, safer and more accessible environment at UCL.