Legal Services


Legal Services

Legal Services sits within the Finance and Business Affairs (FBA) division at UCL. It is made up of the Legal Services team and the Data Protection & FOI team.

The Legal Services team provides legal advice and support to UCL as an institution in relation to its day to day activity.

The Data Protection & FOI team is responsible for all queries and requests in relation to the Data Protection legislation and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (and related legislation).

Further information can be found on the relevant team pages.


Data Protection: GDPR, data breach, data protection reform, data transfer overseas, student data disclosure, filming and photos, subject access requests, student feedback 


Data Protection: research activities, research registration form


Includes: data protection, freedom of information, information security, and privacy policies


Includes: links to Information Commissioners Office, UCL information governance and security, joint research office, records office, student registry services and others


Data Protection: training and quiz on moodle for UCL staff


Links directly to UCL's Freedom of Information website

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